• A mobile app that will notify the user of another mobile app most relevant to user’s current location, and choice. In other words, StepIn is not just a treasure hole of Utility Apps, but detects user’s current location and serves him an app that may exist for that place. …like if a customer enters a particular Starbucks location, then customer will be notified immediately of the ‘Starbucks mobile app to place an order right from your table’. Similarly ‘ABC Super Market’s app to get you a list of their current offers, pricing, info’ or app giving navigational instructions to help tourists find their way around Disney World, just as soon as customer enters the place.
  • An app that notifies users of active offers around their vicinity, and matching the user’s area of interest.
  • A backend that will allow Clients to subscribe to the app, and provide us with the app-store links of their app. Also allows Clients to add their locations.
  • We do the ground work fo building the database of apps and locations….
    • First we find utility apps on the various stores. For e.g. ‘Starbucks mobile app to place an order right from your table’
    • Next, we use Google Places API to aggregate locations. So for above example, we find all Starbucks locations in a city, or country,
    • Finally we map the app to the locations.
  • Once on our radar, we can detect the customer walking into such a location, give him an alert, and if he wants, link him to the app, suitable for his device.
  • For the Offers section we allow businesses to log into the admin console and add / update their offers regularly.
  • Businesses can have multiple branches/outlets. Every branch detail will be entered with geo-location.
  • Offers could be activated for specific outlets, or all outlets.
  • We deliver the notification to the customer when the customer comes in the vicinity of a particular location that is on our radar, and has active offers related to the customer’s choice.
  • If customer views offer details of a specific store, then we will also detect if there are offers at competitive stores in the next close vicinity. (Future enhancement)