As you step into any locality, be it a mall or a restaurant, an airport or a supermarket, a hospital or a bank, if you have the StepIn App running, it detects the destination you have reached, and then finds any mobile app that may be present to support the services of this place. To be more explicit…

Let’s say you step into one of the Star Bucks outlets in your city… as you do so, StepIn finds out that Starbucks has an interesting Order-from-your-table app that will help you jump the queue! And lo, by the time you are seated, you receive a link to download the same, and you are ready to order right from your table! Thanks to the notification and quick-download link that StepIn gave you!

Or for example, a businessman just lands on the Oslo airport, or a group of kids reach Disney Land, Paris. They wouldn’t need to grapple with paper map to find their way around the huge property. StepIn takes the responsibility of bringing to the user the Oslo-Airport-Navigation app or the Disney-Paris-Navigation app. And just a click will download this on the user’s device and they are all set to go!

Imagine having such a helpful tool right in your hand, on your favorite device – be it an IPhone, Windows or Android! And StepIn will only notify you of apps specific to your device.

Now if that was not enough, StepIn also has an Offer-Notifier, which lists all offers around your current location. So even as you travel from home to work every day, you will learn about new offers available on your way, which you may not want to miss! And, if by chance, you do not want to get disturbed with such notifications on your routine, daily travel, then you can simply put off the notifications through the app settings. You can also easily turn them back on whenever needed, like over the weekends, or when you are away traveling, or shopping, or whenever you are interested.